Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Office" is "Taxi"?

So last night I was watching some TiVoed "The Office" episoded, US not UK. I usually skip the opening credits, but Matt was controlling the TiVo so he let them run.

During the opening music, I felt a weird nostalgic feeling. As a kid, whenever I would hear the "Taxi" theme song, I would feel horribly sad--and I still feel that way when I hear it. It's the same with "The Office" theme song, it just makes me want to bust into tears--even though I find the show comical, same as "Taxi"

Then upon further reflection I realized that there are even more similarities--crazy boss (Louie dePalma vs. Michael Scott), budding relationship (Alex and Elaine vs. Pam and Jim), bizarro co-worker (Reverend Jim vs. Dwight)...

Next time you watch "The Office" see if you agree.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fashion Fantasy League

To all my peeps,
I wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in joining the Fashion Fantasy League. We can either join the public league as individuals or we as a collective could join the private league, then we would only be competing against each other instead of the world. With only a few days to decide our chances of putting together a private league are pretty slim, but please think about it. I'm going to join either way and I'm so prepared to win.

Check out www.fashionfantasyleague.com for more details.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't forget...

This weekend is the Emmy's, next weekend is the MTV Video Awards. It's early this year and last year, believe it or not, I missed the Emmy's! Uggh! I never miss award shows. But again, this past weekend, I missed the Teen Choice Awards, so now I'll have to catch the K-Fed performance on YouTube like normal people. Consider this a public service announcement from me to you.

I love the fall!!!

I know that the summer isn't even over, but as far as I'm concerned it is. The slate of fall music releases has started and I'm eagerly awaiting the TV Guide fall preview edition to be waiting in my mailbox (although, I'm a little concerned with how it will be in their new format). Since I'm probably two weeks away from picking my new shows of the season, it's at least time to share some excellent new releases.

First--don't laugh, but Paris Hilton's new cd is super fun. It definitely proves for the right price, anyone can buy talent. Scott Storch will definitely be getting Producer of the Year--or at least a nomination this year with the way he makes her sound. Not that she has a strong voice or anything--she's definitely in the category of Britney, Jessica and kind of like a sexed up Hilary Duff, but the songs are wicked catchy and definitely made for dancing--or at least working out to.

Speaking of girls with voices though--Christina does not disappoint with her new double length CD. Unless you hate "Ain't No Other Man"--of which the whole CD is basically in the same vein of that track, you'll love the CD. It's such a cool vibe. Similarly, Outkast is just too cool for school. Idlewild has so many crazy grooves you'll forget what year it is. Perhaps nothing that stands out as much as "Hey Ya" or "The Way You Move" but I would venture to say on two listens, a consistenly better two CD set.

All I can say is--bring on Justin!! (And please, join with me on my Jessica Simpson boycott. I read in US--or was it EW--I forget my news sorces sometimes--that Public Affair did so bad that the label and her papa are freakin'. Do not put more money in creepy Joe "Master Pimp" Simpson's wallet! I beg of you.)

Next concert excursion in the planning

I've never been to the Myth Nightclub in Maplewood MN (I'm not even sure where it is), but one of Matt and my favorite bands to come out in the last few years, Scissor Sisters, is going to be playing there on October 7th (a Saturday, I believe).

I know their name sounds like a metal band, but really, they are a crazy cross between Elton John/the Bee Gees/Freddie Mercury--so yes, flaming gay, but so much fun. Their CD came out at the same time The Killers and Franz Ferdinand did, and I'd say they are all cousins. One of the band member's name is Baby Daddy and one of their best songs off their debut CD which came out 2 years ago was called "Tits on the Radio"--that gives you a little taste of their flavor. Check out their CD on their site or AOL music or your music pusher of choice (I also know someone who could hook you up if you asked nicely). Their one mild hit--which should have been huge--was "Take Your Mama Out".

So enough with the build up--Matt and I are definitely getting tickets to go see them and want to extend the invite to anyone interested in making the trek to Maplewood MN (?!) . Let us know soon though, cause we want to get the tickets before they sell out.

Ok--I must confess...

I couldn't wait and saw Little Miss Sunshine and oh, man is it the bomb!!! It's the kind of movie that you see and immediately want to see again. One that definitely will get funnier and funnier on repeat viewings. By far, the funniest movie I've seen all year--and I loved Talladega Nights.

I plan on checking it out again this weekend--along with my Idlewild/Step Up double feature--or as Breeze dubbed it "double freeture". Anyone who's game, let me know!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Apple in Concert

August is hell month at work, so I haven't jumped on as much. Luckily--we've still found some time to get out and about.

Two Fridays ago we headed to Milwaukee for Fiona Apple's concert. It was the last stop on the tour--and as much as I'd like to say that explains her behavior, I don't think it does. First, let me say, her voice is insanely good. However, had I seen this concert, maybe five years ago, I totally would have thought it was just an act.

In between songs, she would collapse in a heap like singing drained everything out of her. Sometimes, when she did a song at the piano, she would do a backbend while seated and hang her head on the floor. Then, when she sang standing up at the mike, during the instrumental parts, she was start screaming stuff. Not into the mike, just randomly hollering something I'm not sure anyone could decipher. In general, her performance style is very Michael Stipe. She dance (if you call it that) like she's having some sort of massive temper tantrum. It's very bizarre and a little scary.

But again, her voice is incredible and the songs are well-crafted. Like I said in my favorite songs of 2005 (which sadly, she didn't sing "O' Sailor") I used to despise her--jealousy I'm sure. I found her truly talented and facinating. If you don't have Extraordinary Machine--I would definitely recommend it--and might know someone who can get you a copy...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gnarls Barkley strikes again

What do you get when you combine my favorite band of 2006 with an homage to my favorite filmmaker of all time--this Zelig inspired video for Smiley Faces


Great song, great video!

Thanks to Best Week Ever and Chris Briesemeister for pointing me in the direction of this jem. Definitely, one of my top 10 videos ever and a great song to boot (don't be surprised to see it on my tops of 2006). A one-take masterpiece! Not sure if it's Spike Jonze, but he's loving it even if it isn't.

OK Go--Here it Goes Again