Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Brit pop mania

Okay--so today is a huge day in brit-pop/US relations. Both Lily Allen and Paolo Nutini's first albums drop today. I've listened to both on line and they are fantastic. This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Nutini in Madison at the Annex. His stuff is really good, although he needs some points on showmanship.

My most favorite right now, though is Amy Winehouse. Matt and I are obsessed with her song "Rehab". I keep trying to find places to download it and I can't seem to do it unless I buy an import. Her CD "Back to Black" is scheduled for release her in March, so they are being stingy with it. You must give it a listen. www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD5sahXoj0U Her follow-up tune was on BBC One the other day and it's pretty great too.

It also seems that she is some kind of freakshow in the UK, which is mildly interesting. Check out Perez Hilton's blog on Ms. Winehouse--but remember, it's about the music. http://perezhilton.com/topics/amy_winehouse/

Oscar flicks visted

Saw The Departed this weekend--and Breeze, you were 100% correct! I loved it!!! It was amazing--not sure it will win because it is, at its core, and action flick, but it is a great one. I can't remember an action movie that made me this excited since Face/Off, which I loved. It was the perfect mix of comedy and suspense and double cross. Certainly would recommend.

Also saw The Queen--and while I am still firmly in my brit-pop phase, can't say the same about brit related films. While I certainly didn't hate it--it was actually entertaining, it felt small. As Holly said about it, it did seem like a Lifetime movie. Interesting but not best picture interesting.

Helen Mirren was good, but because the whole point of her character is how stoic she is, it didn't really light you on fire. Worth seeing--but make it a matinee.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oscar time is here again!

Overall, pretty excited about the noms--although I'm like everyone and I've only see a few. Saw Dreamgirls on Friday and now that is virtually irrelevant.

Some disappoints--and there's only a few--figured Jack Nicholson was a lock for Supporting Actor (although I still haven't see Departed yet--sorry Breeze). My biggest sadness is no love for Prince! Happy Feet should have been a no brainer, but whattaya know--Randy Newman over Prince--seriously?! Also, why isn't Beyonce credited for lyrics for Listen? She was at the GG. Are we going to have to hear her sing all five songs like a few years ago or just her one?

My big worry now is which of these movies I can actually see! So seriously, I need some support here. I'm nervous about Blood Diamond, Iwo Jima, Babel, King of Scotland, and Pan's Labyrinth. Are these Lyn approved films? Anyone can help a girl out?

Other than that--the planning is still in the works, but everyone should be hearing something soon...

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year...New Comedy

As we all know I like comedy, so I'm providing you lucky devils with a list of my favorites.
Here you go, fools...
Paul Scheer
Rob Huebel
Aziz Ansari
Nick Kroll
Mike Birbiglia
Jackie Clark
Seth Morris
Rob Riggle
Jack McBrayer

Rob Corddry
Matt Besser
Jason Mantzoukas

Peter Gwinn
Jon Daly
David Cross
Brian Huskey
Doug Benson
Dave Attell (a drunk)
And check out Shutterbugs (Episodes 1 - 3) on youtube...I know you all like youtube.
And if you're nice I'll let you be my friend on myspace.