Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great double feature weekend!

Wow--two completely different but both great film experiences this weekend. The first--Lady in the Water--I loved this movie!!! It has such imagination and meaning. If you love M Night movies you will love this one too. If you didn't buy The Village--then don't bother with this one. To me--his movies have a lot of message to them and this was no exception and played on similar themes to his other films. He definitely forces you to buy into the movie going experience. You need to be a "believer" with your butt in the seat, not a cynic looking for holes. I would highly recommend this flick. And honestly, while the critics have blasted it--about 3/4 of the way through--you'll know why they did.

The second film was Woody Allen's new one, Scoop. Now granted, I'm an Allen apologist, but this one is very sweet, super funny and just an all-around good time at the movies. The theater was packed and broke into sincere applause at its hilarious conclusion. Not going to change the world--but will give you two hours to take a break from the world.

Seriously, both of these movies have a lot in common--auteurs at the helm creating with an authenic vision, willing to try something different and quite productive in their writer/director/ actor hats. Both directors find the best actors and give them roles to shine in--Scarlette Johanson does comedy beautifully and Paul Giamatti was wonderful as always. Music is a privotal compenent to the overall experience. And both have seen critics dog them.

Check out both of this features--you won't regret it! Anyone seen anything else worth recommending--or warning about?

Thursday, July 27, 2006


So perhaps I could be bitter--although their new campaign is so bizarre, it makes me a little happy--but I need my yearly fix. I'm definitely going opening Saturday with Chris and Sarah, but I'm game for other days and if next Saturday works for anyone--the more the merrier.

Let me know who's in!

Ready for something a little different?

Go see Strangers With Candy--it is bizarre, messed up and hilarious. Seriously, at points you will questions what you're doing there, but you'll thank me when it's over. Just make sure you stay for the credits and actually listen to the closing credits tune.

Haven't picked my flicks for this weekend yet, but I'm leaning toward a documentary double feature--Wordplay and Heart of the Game.

Summer songs update

Not to say "I told you so", but...

Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" featuring Timbaland extends its run atop the Billboard Hot 100 to five weeks and remains No. 1 the Pop 100 for a same stretch. On the Hot 100, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy," holds at No. 2--Billboard Magazine

Yeah! America got their summer song selections right!

Now, again, if you haven't listened to Paul Oakenfold's track with Britney Murphey "Faster Kill Pussycat" or Justin Timberlake's new one "Sexy Back"--get one it! They are new favs, top of the list spins. Justin's voice is ridiculous. It's like the first time you heard "Like I Love You" were on the first listen you were a little confused, but on the second--it was love. Check out the videos on YouTube

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Concert mania!

What a week! I've seen some amazing shows starting with the July 2nd Pete Yorn in-store at Exclusive Company and his concert that night at the Annex. Pete played a few acoustic tunes at the in-store and then signed CDs. Matt and I waited in line and when we met him, we told him he was one of the few artists we agreed on. He said that it was pretty common to see a good gender mix at the concerts--which he thought was cool. He signed our CD and we immediately became best friends.

The concert was awesome and he debuted some new tracks. He has really improved as live musician since we saw him with the Foo Fighters in 2003 and much more since Holly and Matt saw him in 2001. If you're not familiar--definitely check him out. His blog is pretty great too

Completely switching gears, Al and I saw Mary J. on Mon. July 3rd. What a powerhouse! She sang mostly from The Breakthrough, which was fine. Highlight was definitely the live versions of I'm Going Down and No More Drama. I hope she performs them at every one of her concerts until the day she dies!

Then on back to Summerfest on Saturday for Pink. We went early to get good seats and lucky thing--we heard a killer Prince cover band--Perple Rain. No joke--well, kinda, but the dude can sing and the band is amazing. I would love to book them for the Oscar Party next year--complete with dancers! Don't believe me--check'em out

Pink was insanely good. The girl can blow for real. Her concert was really what you'd expect so we were not disappointed.

Then sadly, the last concert appearance of Natty Nation in Madison for a while. Fun while it lasted though!

That's all I got booked for now--gotta start working on a new schedule--Mariah, Gnarls, The Fray possibly. I'll keep you posted--do the same!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moral dilemma

Twice now, I'm in my car listening to Sirius and a song comes on that gets my attention. I think, who is this, this is okay. I check the box and I'm stunned! Once, Paris Hilton's new song and the second--Jessica Simpson's track. Ugghh! I don't want to support them, but their songs are not bad. What to do!

David Hasselhoff--you have to see it to believe it!

Wow--okay, so I knew the whole "David Hasselhoff is a god in Germany bit", but I didn't realize that was still true. I thought it was just a 1980s thing. Well, apparently, he's still making videos, and if you haven't seen these--all I can say is watch til the end...