Monday, August 21, 2006

Apple in Concert

August is hell month at work, so I haven't jumped on as much. Luckily--we've still found some time to get out and about.

Two Fridays ago we headed to Milwaukee for Fiona Apple's concert. It was the last stop on the tour--and as much as I'd like to say that explains her behavior, I don't think it does. First, let me say, her voice is insanely good. However, had I seen this concert, maybe five years ago, I totally would have thought it was just an act.

In between songs, she would collapse in a heap like singing drained everything out of her. Sometimes, when she did a song at the piano, she would do a backbend while seated and hang her head on the floor. Then, when she sang standing up at the mike, during the instrumental parts, she was start screaming stuff. Not into the mike, just randomly hollering something I'm not sure anyone could decipher. In general, her performance style is very Michael Stipe. She dance (if you call it that) like she's having some sort of massive temper tantrum. It's very bizarre and a little scary.

But again, her voice is incredible and the songs are well-crafted. Like I said in my favorite songs of 2005 (which sadly, she didn't sing "O' Sailor") I used to despise her--jealousy I'm sure. I found her truly talented and facinating. If you don't have Extraordinary Machine--I would definitely recommend it--and might know someone who can get you a copy...


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