Friday, September 08, 2006

It's not just me who is crazy for "Crazy"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New music weekend

Didn't see any flicks this weekend (did get our house somewhat in a non-health code violation shape) but did pick up a bunch of new CDs.

I've been listening to Under the Influence of Giants a lot on Rhapsody the last few weeks. Sort of a George Michael, Hall & Oates, Crowded House sound (so of course I love them). Believe it or not, tried three independent CD shops to find the disc (although it is cheaper to download the CD now on ITunes) and couldn't find it. A random trip to Target and a skim through the shelves there netted the CD. It doesn't disappoint--and this morning, their video fro Mama's House was on MTV--good for them. I could only find a copy on Launch

Other pick ups include The Futureheads, Pete Yorn, Sufjan Stevens, Intepol and Artic Monkeys (finally!). I'm working on a new mix--let me know who wants a copy when it is ready.

An OK Go update

So our DIY boys from Chicago OK Go have had quite the week. Their video is in full rotation on VH1 and MTV--and they got to perform live at the VMAs last week (which, aside from Justin who can bring SexyBack anytime he wants, was pretty tame--and Jack Black blew!).

Catch the boys doing their treadmill routine live at the VMAs, where else, but at this YouTube link and then read through this interview about the power of YouTube in band breaking.