Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lyn--the flip-flopper

Recently, I've been noticing that some of my favorite songs are song I loathed when they first came out. Now nothing completely dramatic has happened--I still can't stand Stay or What's Up, but must admit Mr. Jones is probably no longer on my least favorites of all time list anymore.

No, I'm mostly talking about songs that as a kid I couldn't stand that now I really like. For example, basically anything by the Cure was completely off limits, but now I'm loving Friday I'm in Love and Just Like Heaven (can still do without Love Song though). Also, Wicked Games was a hated tune that I totally dig now. Probably the biggest turnaround is West End Girls. That song creeped me out when it came out--now I love it.

There are others that I didn't really appreciate or get into much when they came out (as opposed to despising). Bands that fall into this category include Oasis, Gin Blossoms and dare I say, Prince--I was definitely a Michael fan during their hey-days.

Anyone you have grown to love?

TV update

So, I've only caught two new shows so far--the two SNL knock-offs. The drama version is somewhat interesting--although it lacks pay-off. The best thing about it, is in the first two episodes, they featured favorite tunes of 2006--Faster Kill Pussycat and Throwing it Away--sure to be on my year end lists.

30 Rock is a little uneven, but Tracy Morgan is hilarious. He was my favorite thing about SNL in the past few years (aside from Lazy Sunday, which I still think is gold). Definitely something to check out.

Ugly Betty is on the TiVo but not watched--oh and, sad to say, there is one show I forgot about--Help Me Help You. I caught it after Dancing with the Stars the other night. It mostly blows--but what did you expect.

Must see!

The Prestige is incredible. I will say nothing more than that. You must, must, must go see this movie.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Comedy shows

There are also a ton of comedy shows comin' to town. I never go see comedy--and that is sad.

So, I'd like to see the Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter show at the Barrymore on October 15 and Jim Gaffigan on the 25th at the Barrymore. Any takers?

Fall concert series

Okay--so while my fall tv viewing has been pretty pathetic, I have definitely been keeping up on the new releases and cool tunes floating out there. Let's just say, 2006 has been mostly excellent on the music scene and I'm already dreading (loving!) putting my top 30 0f 2006 together.

Now all these folks are out touring and I want to go! Since most of you have been losers by not going to the one show both Matt and I will be attending--Scissor Sisters this Saturday in Maplewood MN (near St. Paul, I'm told), I'm hoping you will learn the error of your ways when you hear what an awesome time we have this weekend of which you could have been a part of had you spoken up and heeded the call. (BTW--Ta-Dah is fab and I heard they were pretty great on Dancing with the Stars last week--again, way behind on my TV viewing.)

Anyway--here is my current tour wish list. Whose game for what?

October 17 Regina Spektor at the Majestic (don't be scared!)
October 18 Gin Blossoms at the Majestic
October 24 Edie Brickell and the New BoHos at the Annex (Matt and I saw Pete Yorn here and it was really a good venue)
October 31 Foo Fighters (with Bob Dylan, but we could leave after the Foos) Kohl Center
November 2 Frank Black at High Noon Saloon
November 10 Pernice Brothers at High Noon Saloon (seriously, take my word on this one. These guys are great!).

October 29 Citizen Cope, Riverside
November 26 Death Cab with OK Go, The Rave or Eagles
December 16 Imogen Heap, The Rave or Eagles

Back from the Dead and ready to Rock

Hello everyone! How sad--its been nearly a month since my last post. I know, I'm letting you down--but I was off battling good vs evil and I'm back from the dead and ready to rock. Or something like that.

Anyway, I was pretty geeked about the new fall season--more that it was happening and less that there was anything in particular that I was looking forward to. But sadly--or maybe not, we'll see--I haven't seen one new fall program! I'm back on all my old favs ANTM, Gilmore and new favs Earl and The Office. Nothing new, new though. I've got a bunch tivoed though and as soon as I'm able I will let you know my thoughts.

So I lean on you--what is new that is worth watching? Studio 60? Ugly Betty? Smith? Shark? Anything? Let me know what I should hit first on the tivo--I've taped pretty much everything.

And for all you tivo users--if you think you have missed anything, try typing it in to the search section because I've found a lot of the shows on weird channels like Ugly Betty on SoapNet, so you might find them in unique places. Another good search is on wishlist go for "Pilot & Comedy or Drama" that will show you all the Pilot episodes out in the next two weeks.

Look forward to hearing from all of you!!!