Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Day One--Lollapalooza

So I'm back and I'm going to blog each day individually. Shout out to Breeze and Sarah for letting me stay with them, feeding me a good breakfast, and generally making sure I was taken care of while in Chi-Town.

Okay, so my awful sense of direction got the best of me and I ended up headed on the wrong bus causing me to miss The Fratellis. Elvis Perkins is there at the same time, but since we already saw him, The Fratellis were my choice. I did hear he was good though people thought a smaller venue would benefit him. So cheers to us for already doing that.

I was super, super bummed as they were one of the 5 bands I was most excited for. Of course, I hear they were awesome, so my feelings are even more hurt.

I get there and decide I need to pick up my spirits and concentrate on all the good music I will hear, not what I will miss.

My first band of the day is Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. I checked out about 5 of their tunes and was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the heat and the overall scope of the place. So I walked to the other side of the fest and caught a few minutes of Son Volt--which I didn't know anything about and was impressed. Next up--Polyphonic Spree. Matt recommended them and said that they were something to see. That is true--but not something I ever need to see again. Very bizarre and culty. Their rendition of Lithium (Nirvana) while wearing their freaking black military outfits was creepy==but it was nothing compared to when they reappeared in their robes. Very strange--but interesting to see once.

Then the highlight of Day One--MIA. Seriously, this girl is sick! It was just her and another girl on stage with a DJ and they threw it down. Male MCs have nothing on her. Her new track Boyz was awesome and her new stuff rocks just has hard. 10 Dollar, Galang and Bucky Done Gun did not disappoint. She is one cool cat. Unfortunately, doesn't look like she's around again until a few fall dates. Definitely need to see if she comes to the States in 08.

After MIA I hustled to the other side of the park to catch the conclusion of Silversun Pickups. To my surprise, I got to hear about five tunes including Lazy Eye. They were very good and one to see again.

Up next, chillin'--so I grabbed some food and a spot on the lawn and watched The Black Keys. They are a two piece out of Akron OH. Lots of fans there who knew all the words. Everyone was super excited about them and I'm not surprised--they were a very solid band. You wouldn't know it was a two-piece without seeing it. And they aren't a self-conscious two piece like White STripes that put it in your face.

I then bust it to the other side of the park again to see what the big deal is with LCD Soundsystem. Can't get into their stuff and I've definitely tried. However, their live show was great. More melodic than their studio stuff comes off.

Then Daft Punk--not sure what to say other than I guess I don't really get it. Light show and techno--just not really my thing. It could also have been the effect of sweltering hear, excessive sweating combined with seizure inducing flashing lights. End of Day One.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger holly said...

good job on day one, lightweight!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Loser! Where were you!!! Oh yeah--working on a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.


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