Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't forget...

This weekend is the Emmy's, next weekend is the MTV Video Awards. It's early this year and last year, believe it or not, I missed the Emmy's! Uggh! I never miss award shows. But again, this past weekend, I missed the Teen Choice Awards, so now I'll have to catch the K-Fed performance on YouTube like normal people. Consider this a public service announcement from me to you.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Lyn said...

What a show last night! I thought it was really funny--and a spot for my guy Bob Newhart--how exciting was that.

I was really happy The Office won. I've become a fan this summer catching the reruns. I normally would have been cheering for one of my favorites of all-time, Arrested Development, to win, but really, what's the point. It won't bring it back.

Also glad The Daily Show cleaned up. I'm pretty sure they're a lock until they close up shop.

I would have liked to see Steve Carrell and definitely Jaime Pressley win--but maybe next year. You had to figure Will & Grace would get something. And Tony Shalub is a WI boy, so I guess that's okay too.

Loved the Aaron Spelling and Dick Clark tributes--Barry Manilow performs and win--that was so awesome! And was it me or was Farrah Fawcett not quite so spooky looking?

Finally, Conan was hilarious--especially loved the Kareem Abdul Jabbar bit.Overall==I felt a very entertaining awards show.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I was so bored with the Emmy's last night. Nothing stood out except Tina Fey & Tracey Morgan and maybe The Office and Kiefer wins. Also, the Dick Clark tribute was way too sad.

And damn that Candy and her fake tears during the Aaron Spelling trib. I wanted to see more of Tori and less of plastic actresses. And why use the dude from 7th Heaven when I would have much rather had William Shatner making an ass of himself.

Overall, I was disappointed and felt the room was way too stuffy. Maybe the Emmy's should take a note from the Globes and invite Jack Nicholson. He seems to always make it better. Speaking of Jack did you see the trailer for his new movie with Leo...it looks pretty good.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Really? I thought it was totally funny and I'm feeling a little bad that Conan's getting blasted about the airplan crash bit. Totally planned ahead and playing off "Lost" but, I suppose people are sensitive.

Aside from the losses I've already discussed, my only other disappointment was Kyra Sedgwick didn't win--and I just wanted her to thank Kevin...

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Holly said...

Get your tivo ready b/c when the camera zooms in on Kyra we get to see a beautifully clean Kevin Bacon. No longer does he have the nasty long greasy hair, but a much more polished cut and his suit even seems to fit him better than in previous years. I think he wanted to look good for his woman.

And this is just another reason why we all should love Kevin Bacon. I think I might even dedicate my next actor shelf (at the video store) to Mr. Bacon. Maybe even make it a bit more interesting and have a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon shelf.


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