Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lolla Day Two

After an excellent breakfast with Breeze and Sarah, I caught a bus down to Grant Park. Everything was working like clockwork. I got down in time to check out a band from AZ, Dear and the Headlights. They were very good and perfect for a Saturday morning. They remind me of Counting Crows but less self-conscious (an overall theme of the fest). I'm not a CC fan, mostly because I can't deal with Adam Durtiz, but it had a similar vibe to it.

From there, I buzzed over to check out a "band" Matt and Kim. Basically, a guy on keys and a skinny chick banging hard on a drum set. They had a ton of energy--really too much, but were kinda funny, though each song sounded exactly the same. They were thrilled to be there and were on a big stage, so I think overall, they were worth watching.

Next up, I'm From Barcelona--so in preparation for Lolla, I checked out a bunch on the bands the months leading up, on Rhapsody. I actually really liked this band and put their song, called "We're From Barcelona" on my most recent mix CD. So I was excited to catch a couple tracks. Little did I know they are a freak band like Polyphonic Spree! Now to be fair, they were probably a ton of fun and much less creepy than PS, but due to the PS experience the day before, this was a little too soon. 20+ on stage--they did bust in a Like a Prayer cover though, which did earn them some cool points.

I then hauled ass across the park to catch the Tokyo Police Club--a boy, am I glad I did. They are just a four-piece rock outfit from Canada--children really, but "Nature of the Experience" probably could have gone on my best of 2006. Good news though, their new stuff is just as good and their EP release this summer is very good "Your English is Good" in particular. Definitely worth checking out October 9th my Twin Cities friends.

I decided to skip Pete Yorn, since I've seen him three or four times before and instead went to see Tapes 'N Tapes right next door. They're Twin Cities band and their tune "Insistor" made it on my best of 2006. In fact, "Loon" has been a go-to disc for a while. I was glad to hear their new stuff was equally good, although their was one serious clunker in the mix. They had excellent stage presence and a bit of comedy--always welcome. Check out their blog--good little post about my guy, Prince:

By this point in the day, Breeze had met up with me and I met up with Holly's NYC roommate, Jen's sister, Michelle--how's that for random. Holly told Jen I was going alone and Jen told Holly that Michelle's friends had bugged out. So we exchanged some texts and met up before the Cold War Kids--my next big band. But before that, Breeze and I listened to Sam Roberts Band while eating lunch--and they are definitely one to look for again. In researching, I listened to their most recent CD and don't be surprised if "Bridge to Nowhere" makes it on the year end list. I'm obsessed with this song. Another Canadian band...

Okay--now on to Cold War Kids--a band I was really looking forward to. Michelle and I met up with her friend, Michelle, whom she plays volleyball with. Both super nice--and volleyball Michelle is a huge Chicago concert goer. In fact, she's a big concert freak in general--even going to Austin City Limits Festival this year, but I digress. So instead of being on one of the big stages, the Kids were on a smaller side stage. Bad move==there were soo many people there. The band sounded great, but it was really hard to get into with all the pushing and shoving and icky drunk kids. They've been touring forever, but I really hope to see them again. "Hopital Beds", "We Used to Vacation" and of course, "Hang Me Out To Dry" (another candidate for best of 2006) were fantastic and delivered with all the emotion those songs carry. Looks like they are opening for White Stripes--have to watch to see if they get any closer than Chicago on a school night:

The next show was really a toss up: Regina Spektor or The Hold Steady. The Hold Steady is one of the best concerts I've ever seen, but I've seen them--however, Breeze hadn't so I decided that would be the place to go. The Michelle's checked out Regina Spektor. Sounds like I made the right decision. Too many drunk college girls singing along to Regina. The Hold Steady weren't as ridiculous as they were at the Stage Door--but they still rocked. They were clearly excited by the huge attendance they had at their show, at that was infectious. They're opening for the Rolling Stones in Europe later this month--their stuff is so Midwest related, I'm not sure how that will fly--but best to them:

From The Hold Steady to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs next door--and man, Karen O is one cool cat. I was a little nervous, cuz she kinda scares me--but she was so awesome. I'm a major convert. And "Maps" was just as ridiculous live as on tape. Check out their MySpace and from their blog there's a nice MTVNews clip of the fest:

AAAhhh--the surprise of the day, Spoon. Was aware of them--put "I Turn My Camera On" is on one of my mixes, but I had just listened to their new stuff for the fest. I was digging the new CD "GaGaGa" but they are soo good live. Was definitely a highlight and they had a huge crowd, where everyone knew the words--but me. "The Underdog" has its eyes on my year end list...
Twin Cities friends--they're coming to you mid-October, but unfortunately, midweek...

End of the day--I checked out both Muse and Interpol. Muse definitely knew how to use a light show. It was a big, bad show and definitely bringing the energy. I really like "Super Massive Black Hole" and they did it up. Some of their stuff gets a little hard for me, but this one is really fun...well, fun for Muse.

Interpol was midway through their set when we got down there and we were pretty far away. The sound on that side wasn't great when you were as far away as we were, but I got to hear "Henrich Maneuver" so that was pretty exciting. Otherwise, they were a little too...intellectual after a long day. Still would like to see them again--and believe it or not, they're in TC the same week as Spoon and everyone else!

End of Day Two


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