Friday, April 28, 2006

Great week in reality

So, I haven't watched the Race or Top Chef yet, but the goings on of Survivor, AI and ANTM were fantastic this week! Kelly was bad, bad, bad so that was a relief. Cerie is my favorite on Survivor and she is so tops I can't believe it and ANTM--perfection! Good week for TV.

Read today that everyone is really nervous about Gilmore Girls--whether it's coming back and how it will be with the creators leaving the show. I hope it does come back and this new guy they put in charge finishes the story exactly how we want it--SITC style.

Hol--I know you are into Veronica Mars--I might put that on my list to try watching this summer. Everyone seems to love it.

Has anyone started watching the final season of Alias? Should I?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Second Place It First Place For Losers!

You want to know what I did on Tuesday Night. I finally saw BLACKBALLED: THE BOBBY DUKES STORY which stars Rob Corddry from The Daily Show. It's been screening at The Pioneer Theater, which is connected to my video store, for the entire month of April and I've been waiting to go, but no one would go with me. Finally, my friend Shannon was a go and I was informed that on Tuesday the cast would be present for a Q&A. It was sold out, but I didn't worry because I knew we'd get in. Yes, I was too chicken to actually ask a question, but I represented all the same. FYI -- I am the reason behind it's US theatrical release in NYC. No explaining required.

If you don't already know what the story is, I've included a synopsis from imdb for your enjoyment. Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, is the tale of paintball's first superstar. While leading his team to their unprecedented fourth consecutive victory at the Hudson Valley Paintball Classic, Bobby Dukes was shot. Desperate to stay in the game, Bobby intentionally wiped the paint from his jersey, thus committing paintball's most heinous crime -- "Wiping." Rejected by the paintball community, Bobby was banished from the sport. In disgrace, Bobby disappeared. Ten years later, the ban lifted, a well-traveled and more mature Bobby is back to prove himself on the field that made him famous. Bobby joins forces with an unlikely ally, assembles a band of misfits and attempts to erase the memory of his tainted past.

The best thing about the movie is the cast. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater represents. Word up to Paul Scheer, Rob Riggle, Rob Huebel, and Seth Morris.

Go see this movie. And don't make fun just because you know how much I love me some comedy. This improv rocks!

Concert mania

So Common concert was last night and he is perfection. He is even finer in person than in videos or pictures. He's a true hip-hopper--B-Boy, freestyler with a wicked DJ. He did all the songs--even Love of My Life, which was ridiculous. He did it as a homage to other hip-hop songs over the song's beat.

He did mention Erykah Badu when he set up Testify--saying that it wasn't about her. Lots of Erykah references though.

Having seen him and D'Angelo--I think Common may be a notch hotter.

Then--the George Michael concert announcement! How exciting is that, but how sad that the tickets went on sale Sunday and we just found out. Now we are looking at scraps. Only good thing is that the plane tickets look reasonable. Not sure what to do about tickets though...


So did my civic duty and watched Idol last night. Man--all day I was wondering of all the love songs what people would pick. Little did I know, the final six were choosing the lamest songs of all time. Is "I Have Nothing" even a love song, technically? And seriously, a 17 year old singing "The Way We Were"--that is beyond hilarious. I'm starting to feel like who cares about any of these losers.

Looks like Al and I are going to get to see Common tonight at an All Campus Party. Our in with Natty has helped get us on the guest list, so I'm totally excited about that. I bet he opens with "The Corner" and closes with "The Light".

Got an email today about this neighborhood in Brooklyn. Hol--do you know where this is?

View Article Hey! It's our first post!

Okay--this is super exciting. As many who will read this know, the Pilch girls have a lot of opinions--and now, we've decided to make our conversations public. We welcome your opinions (well, most of them) and look forward to some spirited dialog, if only between the three of us!

So--today, two things: 1. I'm totally digging Brit-pop this week or stuff that sounds influenced by it. The new The Streets CD came out and I gave it a listen through Rhapsody today--I'll need to give it a few more spins, but it seems right in line with the other two. I'm generally not a fan of "poor me, it's hard to be famous" tunes (see Craig David's second CD), but this might work. I also picked up Imogen Heap's new one after many Rhapsody listens. I love it!! I'm thinking of going to see her show at the Rave in Milwaukee, but it's a Wednesday I think. I feel so old, but could be a tough night. Anyway, my most recent 3 disc compilation is on this theme and I'm pretty excited by it. Holly--it's coming your way. Al got a listen to it earlier today and was groovin' on some of it. She says she doesn't know the Hot Hot Heat song, but I don't think she was focusing.

2) Seriously--Richie Sambora and Denise Richards vs. Heather Locklear and David Spade. You've got to be kidding?!