Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Next concert excursion in the planning

I've never been to the Myth Nightclub in Maplewood MN (I'm not even sure where it is), but one of Matt and my favorite bands to come out in the last few years, Scissor Sisters, is going to be playing there on October 7th (a Saturday, I believe).

I know their name sounds like a metal band, but really, they are a crazy cross between Elton John/the Bee Gees/Freddie Mercury--so yes, flaming gay, but so much fun. Their CD came out at the same time The Killers and Franz Ferdinand did, and I'd say they are all cousins. One of the band member's name is Baby Daddy and one of their best songs off their debut CD which came out 2 years ago was called "Tits on the Radio"--that gives you a little taste of their flavor. Check out their CD on their site or AOL music or your music pusher of choice (I also know someone who could hook you up if you asked nicely). Their one mild hit--which should have been huge--was "Take Your Mama Out".

So enough with the build up--Matt and I are definitely getting tickets to go see them and want to extend the invite to anyone interested in making the trek to Maplewood MN (?!) . Let us know soon though, cause we want to get the tickets before they sell out.


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