Friday, August 10, 2007

What I learned last night at the Crowded House Concert...

Let me first start by saying that Crowded House is still hot, white hot. And those boys can most certainly rock, case in point "Locked Out" was so tough, crunchy guitar and everything. It was such a fantastic show. The concert was nothing but new material with a few gems mixed in, but they came back for two more sets playing nothing but the hits. This post isn't about the show, it's about the very valuable lesson I learned last night that I wanted to share because it might help you at some point.

A little back 8PM I was still in CT, which was when the concert started, and we weren't going to be leaving any time soon. I made a Production Assistant drive me to the train station (a luxury I have being an APOC) that way I'd at least get to NYC by 9:30PM. By the time I got off the train and subway I arrived at the venue 2 hours late, hoping that I'd only miss a few songs from their set and missing the opener entirely, which was the case. The kicker being, before I left for work yesterday I left the actual concert ticket at my apartment. I called the ticket outlet and they said they'd try to switch my ticket to a will call pickup but with it being the same day they wouldn't guarantee it. They told me to show up at the venue with my ID, Credit Card, and email confirmation. I raced to the concert not even knowing if I'd get in or not.

The lesson is as follows...if you show up at will call, but only after they close, you will find an employee waiting for any last minute arrivals. Start telling her your situation and wave papers in front of her, she won't listen nor would I say care. She just looked at the pile of tickets and gave me the top single ticket and sent me right in. I was prepared to be in the upper balcony, which was where my original ticket was located (I'm cheap). What I discovered when I went to an usher was that I had an Orchestra seat. Yes, Orchestra Seats!! She ushered me to my seat, which ended up being Orchestra Center, Row 3. I was directly in front of the stage, Neil Finn was literally sweating and I could see the beads. When I got home I priced out how much this seat would have cost and I scored for $300 seat for $65.

In conclusion, to score kick ass seats (that you may or may not have purchased) all you have to do is show up late, have an excuse, wave papers (I used my crew list actually), find an employee who doesn't give a shit and you'll end up with Orchestra Center, Row 3 seats. Utterly fantastic.

Lyn you would have been so proud and I even took a picture with my phone to prove my good fortune. Will send it later.


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