Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love the fall!!!

I know that the summer isn't even over, but as far as I'm concerned it is. The slate of fall music releases has started and I'm eagerly awaiting the TV Guide fall preview edition to be waiting in my mailbox (although, I'm a little concerned with how it will be in their new format). Since I'm probably two weeks away from picking my new shows of the season, it's at least time to share some excellent new releases.

First--don't laugh, but Paris Hilton's new cd is super fun. It definitely proves for the right price, anyone can buy talent. Scott Storch will definitely be getting Producer of the Year--or at least a nomination this year with the way he makes her sound. Not that she has a strong voice or anything--she's definitely in the category of Britney, Jessica and kind of like a sexed up Hilary Duff, but the songs are wicked catchy and definitely made for dancing--or at least working out to.

Speaking of girls with voices though--Christina does not disappoint with her new double length CD. Unless you hate "Ain't No Other Man"--of which the whole CD is basically in the same vein of that track, you'll love the CD. It's such a cool vibe. Similarly, Outkast is just too cool for school. Idlewild has so many crazy grooves you'll forget what year it is. Perhaps nothing that stands out as much as "Hey Ya" or "The Way You Move" but I would venture to say on two listens, a consistenly better two CD set.

All I can say is--bring on Justin!! (And please, join with me on my Jessica Simpson boycott. I read in US--or was it EW--I forget my news sorces sometimes--that Public Affair did so bad that the label and her papa are freakin'. Do not put more money in creepy Joe "Master Pimp" Simpson's wallet! I beg of you.)


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I really hate the new tv guide. why did they need to change it to looking like a magazine. No one collects magazines, but people do collect tv guides, especially the fall preview edition. i'm not even sure if i will be keeping this years because of the new size. i also hate the grid listings because for those of us who steal our cable and local feeds it's a nightmare because i can never tell what's playing on my tv. i just wing it when it relates to non-network tv.

and regarding the new fall line up even without having watched network tv in about two months being in nyc i have had a lot of exposer to billboard advertising and here are some predictions. shark will bomb, jericho already aired three years ago and tanked (granted it wall called something else). The nine looks to be too much like 24 and last years season was so good that copycats will not rock. But everything on the CW looks so good except for all the shows I do not watch.

Veronica Mars anyone.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Lyn said...

I'm with you on the new TV Guide. It gets shoved in my stack of other magazines, since it's such a boring size now.

Only show I can say I'm interested in right now is 30 Rock. I love Tracy Morgan. The one I know I won't watch is the Matthew Perry show--his poor treatment of fans has left me boycotting him. And honestly, can't say I'm a huge Aaron Sorkin fan.


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