Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lyn--the flip-flopper

Recently, I've been noticing that some of my favorite songs are song I loathed when they first came out. Now nothing completely dramatic has happened--I still can't stand Stay or What's Up, but must admit Mr. Jones is probably no longer on my least favorites of all time list anymore.

No, I'm mostly talking about songs that as a kid I couldn't stand that now I really like. For example, basically anything by the Cure was completely off limits, but now I'm loving Friday I'm in Love and Just Like Heaven (can still do without Love Song though). Also, Wicked Games was a hated tune that I totally dig now. Probably the biggest turnaround is West End Girls. That song creeped me out when it came out--now I love it.

There are others that I didn't really appreciate or get into much when they came out (as opposed to despising). Bands that fall into this category include Oasis, Gin Blossoms and dare I say, Prince--I was definitely a Michael fan during their hey-days.

Anyone you have grown to love?


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