Tuesday, October 24, 2006

TV update

So, I've only caught two new shows so far--the two SNL knock-offs. The drama version is somewhat interesting--although it lacks pay-off. The best thing about it, is in the first two episodes, they featured favorite tunes of 2006--Faster Kill Pussycat and Throwing it Away--sure to be on my year end lists.

30 Rock is a little uneven, but Tracy Morgan is hilarious. He was my favorite thing about SNL in the past few years (aside from Lazy Sunday, which I still think is gold). Definitely something to check out.

Ugly Betty is on the TiVo but not watched--oh and, sad to say, there is one show I forgot about--Help Me Help You. I caught it after Dancing with the Stars the other night. It mostly blows--but what did you expect.


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