Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall concert series

Okay--so while my fall tv viewing has been pretty pathetic, I have definitely been keeping up on the new releases and cool tunes floating out there. Let's just say, 2006 has been mostly excellent on the music scene and I'm already dreading (loving!) putting my top 30 0f 2006 together.

Now all these folks are out touring and I want to go! Since most of you have been losers by not going to the one show both Matt and I will be attending--Scissor Sisters this Saturday in Maplewood MN (near St. Paul, I'm told), I'm hoping you will learn the error of your ways when you hear what an awesome time we have this weekend of which you could have been a part of had you spoken up and heeded the call. (BTW--Ta-Dah is fab and I heard they were pretty great on Dancing with the Stars last week--again, way behind on my TV viewing.)

Anyway--here is my current tour wish list. Whose game for what?

October 17 Regina Spektor at the Majestic (don't be scared!)
October 18 Gin Blossoms at the Majestic
October 24 Edie Brickell and the New BoHos at the Annex (Matt and I saw Pete Yorn here and it was really a good venue)
October 31 Foo Fighters (with Bob Dylan, but we could leave after the Foos) Kohl Center
November 2 Frank Black at High Noon Saloon
November 10 Pernice Brothers at High Noon Saloon (seriously, take my word on this one. These guys are great!).

October 29 Citizen Cope, Riverside
November 26 Death Cab with OK Go, The Rave or Eagles
December 16 Imogen Heap, The Rave or Eagles


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