Friday, April 28, 2006

Great week in reality

So, I haven't watched the Race or Top Chef yet, but the goings on of Survivor, AI and ANTM were fantastic this week! Kelly was bad, bad, bad so that was a relief. Cerie is my favorite on Survivor and she is so tops I can't believe it and ANTM--perfection! Good week for TV.

Read today that everyone is really nervous about Gilmore Girls--whether it's coming back and how it will be with the creators leaving the show. I hope it does come back and this new guy they put in charge finishes the story exactly how we want it--SITC style.

Hol--I know you are into Veronica Mars--I might put that on my list to try watching this summer. Everyone seems to love it.

Has anyone started watching the final season of Alias? Should I?


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I saw the guy from Murderball last night. Jen and I were eating at Trailer Park or Trash Bar (not sure which) and he needed Jen to push in her chair so he could roll on by and use the loo. He looks really tough, but was very polite when asking. Jen had her back to him, so when he asked he looked at me. I told him I thought Murderball was fantastic. He thanked me and I blushed.

From working at the video store I realize you need to treat actors like everyone else (they must pay their late fees) but if you like their work, tell them. I do and I don't think they mind. I just did that to Sam Rockwell and he was so cool, telling me what he is working on now. Granted the only thing I need to work on is my blushing, it's a problem. Grey's Anatomy tackled that problem on one episode, so I'll have to catch it on reruns to figure out what my options might be.

Lyn - Yes to Veronica Mars. TiVO it, but you need to watch it from the beginning. It’s one case that lasts the entire season, with a bunch of weekly crimes she solves with her daddy. I have no comment on Alias; I don’t like Jennifer Garner. All I can say is I’m glad they brought back Michael Vartan, JG isn’t that big of a star to decide who comes and goes. has a pretty good article about Gilmore Girls in the life section.

In the world of reality TV I am not a watcher. I haven’t seen more than three episodes of ANTM, I only watch Taylor perform on AI and anything else I can really care less. Expect for two shows that air on TLC (Little People, Big World and Miami Ink), though it was a sad day in my Brooklyn loft on Sunday when our illegal feed of TLC faded for the final time. I love their programming or at least their reality TV programming. I’m going to miss you, TLC.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

He was just in Madison this week or last. Didn't get tickets to see him, but I wish I would have. He was speaking at the Union.

Sam Rockwell, huh? Isn't he dating someone fabulous? He's great...but a little creepy.

I was pretty excited when Taylor went to sing Just Once--the new Michael McDonald singing James Ingraham. I thought it perfectly set up a Ya Mo Be There duet in the final show. Then he sucked it up!

Model is excellent and you should be watching. Sorry about TLC. I'll have to get some video tapes and tape it for you.

Speaking of TV, don't forget, Daytime Emmy's tonight. I'm hanging at home, perhaps with some takeout and noisy dogs and cheerin' on Y&R and seeing exactly how cheesy they can make it this year. That Kelly Monaco is hosting, so I'm pretty sure it's going to be horrendously fabulous.

At 9:21 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Daytime Emmys were...horrendous. But not because of Kelly Monoco. She was actually pretty good. Y&R won nothing! I was super bummed. I was bummed we weren't nominated for much and then we didn't even win what we were nominated for. That blew! We'll get'em next time...

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Lyn said...

Model continues to be excellent! Danielle and Jonie are my favorites and one will win for sure.

Missed AI this week. Would have liked to have heard Paris sing Kiss. Does anyone know a link to posts of the show?

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

Okay, so I'm a little late on the comments on this topic. Just wanted to give my 2 cents about Alias. I used to be a crazy fanatic, but was very disappointed by last season and then this season was very very disappointed. I haven't seen Michael Varten yet since he's been back unless I missed last week. Watched lastnight and it's kind of ridiculous. Anyway, decided to give it another chance as Michael is supposed to make a return. Anyway, any Lost fans out there? Quite a turn of events during lastnight's episode.
Otherwise getting sucked into HGTV quite a bit here.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Wow, HGTV reality programming. I don't think I've every watched anything on it. What's good?

Alias, Alias--once her sister got into it, I lost interest. But I too watched it faithfully, even after its crazy, let's completely change the show, after the Super Bowl. I thought maybe the finale would be cool, but if you're saying it's worse--I'll let it go. Too much other stuff to watch anyway.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Idol is driving me crazy!! None of these jokers impresses me and the judges are fawning over them. It is bizarre to me. Honestly, Matt and I were both commenting how good they made Phillips Elvis seem last night.

Chris is pretty sexy looking but is boring, boring, boring. I love the JXL redo of the song. His was so dull it was painful. What is going on with this show--shouldn't the talent be getting better as the year's go on, not worse?

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Lyn said...

Must comment on the dis of Chris. In NYC on Monday, we jumped into the Regis and Kelly show, although it was Jeff Probst in for Regis.

Chris was a guest being the most recent castoff. He sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" not my favorite Bon Jovi song, but do I really have one? Anyway--it was awesome. He looked good, was very charismatic and seemed extremely comfortable in front of the crowd. He even played guitar on it, which was surprising.

He said he has been asked to join Fuel but hasn't decided to or not. Don't do it Chris--stay strong!


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