Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oscar flicks visted

Saw The Departed this weekend--and Breeze, you were 100% correct! I loved it!!! It was amazing--not sure it will win because it is, at its core, and action flick, but it is a great one. I can't remember an action movie that made me this excited since Face/Off, which I loved. It was the perfect mix of comedy and suspense and double cross. Certainly would recommend.

Also saw The Queen--and while I am still firmly in my brit-pop phase, can't say the same about brit related films. While I certainly didn't hate it--it was actually entertaining, it felt small. As Holly said about it, it did seem like a Lifetime movie. Interesting but not best picture interesting.

Helen Mirren was good, but because the whole point of her character is how stoic she is, it didn't really light you on fire. Worth seeing--but make it a matinee.


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