Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Concert mania!

What a week! I've seen some amazing shows starting with the July 2nd Pete Yorn in-store at Exclusive Company and his concert that night at the Annex. Pete played a few acoustic tunes at the in-store and then signed CDs. Matt and I waited in line and when we met him, we told him he was one of the few artists we agreed on. He said that it was pretty common to see a good gender mix at the concerts--which he thought was cool. He signed our CD and we immediately became best friends.

The concert was awesome and he debuted some new tracks. He has really improved as live musician since we saw him with the Foo Fighters in 2003 and much more since Holly and Matt saw him in 2001. If you're not familiar--definitely check him out. His blog is pretty great too www.peteyorn.com.

Completely switching gears, Al and I saw Mary J. on Mon. July 3rd. What a powerhouse! She sang mostly from The Breakthrough, which was fine. Highlight was definitely the live versions of I'm Going Down and No More Drama. I hope she performs them at every one of her concerts until the day she dies!

Then on back to Summerfest on Saturday for Pink. We went early to get good seats and lucky thing--we heard a killer Prince cover band--Perple Rain. No joke--well, kinda, but the dude can sing and the band is amazing. I would love to book them for the Oscar Party next year--complete with dancers! Don't believe me--check'em out www.perplerain.com

Pink was insanely good. The girl can blow for real. Her concert was really what you'd expect so we were not disappointed.

Then sadly, the last concert appearance of Natty Nation in Madison for a while. Fun while it lasted though!

That's all I got booked for now--gotta start working on a new schedule--Mariah, Gnarls, The Fray possibly. I'll keep you posted--do the same!


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