Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great double feature weekend!

Wow--two completely different but both great film experiences this weekend. The first--Lady in the Water--I loved this movie!!! It has such imagination and meaning. If you love M Night movies you will love this one too. If you didn't buy The Village--then don't bother with this one. To me--his movies have a lot of message to them and this was no exception and played on similar themes to his other films. He definitely forces you to buy into the movie going experience. You need to be a "believer" with your butt in the seat, not a cynic looking for holes. I would highly recommend this flick. And honestly, while the critics have blasted it--about 3/4 of the way through--you'll know why they did.

The second film was Woody Allen's new one, Scoop. Now granted, I'm an Allen apologist, but this one is very sweet, super funny and just an all-around good time at the movies. The theater was packed and broke into sincere applause at its hilarious conclusion. Not going to change the world--but will give you two hours to take a break from the world.

Seriously, both of these movies have a lot in common--auteurs at the helm creating with an authenic vision, willing to try something different and quite productive in their writer/director/ actor hats. Both directors find the best actors and give them roles to shine in--Scarlette Johanson does comedy beautifully and Paul Giamatti was wonderful as always. Music is a privotal compenent to the overall experience. And both have seen critics dog them.

Check out both of this features--you won't regret it! Anyone seen anything else worth recommending--or warning about?


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