Thursday, July 27, 2006


So perhaps I could be bitter--although their new campaign is so bizarre, it makes me a little happy--but I need my yearly fix. I'm definitely going opening Saturday with Chris and Sarah, but I'm game for other days and if next Saturday works for anyone--the more the merrier.

Let me know who's in!


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Holly said...

State Fair! Who goes to the state fair? It's all about the Del Close Improv Marathon. 74 nonstop hours of long-form improv comedy featuring the best improv groups from around the country performing in the biggest, most insane improv marathon ever!

My boys from LA are back in town!

No need to fear my friends my safety isn't in any danger. So far I only see two shows, but tomorrow my taste for improv will be satisfied with four hours of good eats.

Let me know if anyone is game for next year. I'm all in.

At 5:59 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Sounds fun--if you like that comedy thing. Me, I'm more into consuming copious amounts of calories in the blistering heat with thousands of my new best friends. Now come on--who doesn't want in on that?!

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Just got back from a full day at the fair. It's a little weird going there as a vegetarian, but I usually just pig out on sweets anyway, so it didn't slow me down too much.

We're definitely ready to go back, so let me know whose in.


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