Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New music weekend

Didn't see any flicks this weekend (did get our house somewhat in a non-health code violation shape) but did pick up a bunch of new CDs.

I've been listening to Under the Influence of Giants a lot on Rhapsody the last few weeks. Sort of a George Michael, Hall & Oates, Crowded House sound (so of course I love them). Believe it or not, tried three independent CD shops to find the disc (although it is cheaper to download the CD now on ITunes) and couldn't find it. A random trip to Target and a skim through the shelves there netted the CD. It doesn't disappoint--and this morning, their video fro Mama's House was on MTV--good for them. I could only find a copy on Launch http://music.yahoo.com/ar-32777877-videos--Under-The-Influence-Of-Giants

Other pick ups include The Futureheads, Pete Yorn, Sufjan Stevens, Intepol and Artic Monkeys (finally!). I'm working on a new mix--let me know who wants a copy when it is ready.


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