Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cosmic alliance

Don't you love it when the universe perfectly aligns? Get ready, cause this story is crazy!

Today, I jumped on Rhapsody to listen to the new Arcade Fire (very good, need a few more listens before I declare it the best album ever like so many reviewers have done). Before I get to it, I see a new album by Dean & Britta as a new release suggestion on the home page. So I click on it to see what it's about. Turns out its a new effort by the two leading forces of the band Luna, which broke up in 2005.

So Luna is something that has come up in the past when I listen to the more chill stuff that I get into, especially at work, like Kings of Convenience or Air (also new this week, pretty standard Air stuff). I'm pretty jazzed, cause they are definitely a style I like and a band I'm into.

Okay, so I listen to it and decided that indeed, it is a keeper. I then go to to see if they are on their roster. They are not, but they have a listing for Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham. Frustrated, I go to Itunes and type it in and sure enough, they have the album. But they also list that they did the music for The Squid and the Whale, which was one of my favorite movies last year--and a great soundtrack.

This is where things start to get freaky. I download the album off Itunes and then go to look something else up online (work related this time). The page on emusic is still up, so I click on listing for Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham to see what they are about now that I'm a fan.

No kidding--this is the first sentence of the bio: Britta Phillips left home at the age of 16. The singer/bassist moved to New York soon after, getting involved in show business while playing a role alongside Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson in the movie Satisfaction. Seriously!!!! She is the one that sings Iko Iko on the bus!!!! The absolute best part of that little appreciated, but very entertaining film (apparently, the Stones sued them about the title so now you usually find it under the name . I'm seriously dying at this point--but it gets better.

The next sentence is: She also made waves as the voice of cartoon pop star Jem. Can you even believe it!!! Now I'm totally freaking out. So I go to their website to learn more about them.

On a whim, I click on Performances, just to see what kind of touring schedule they have. No joke--they are in Madison on March 19th at the High Noon Saloon. It's like a crazy dream. I am definitely going and can get a copy to anyone who wants to go too. This one is for the cosmos for real.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Holly said...

This blows my mind. I mean I was excited by the Satisfaction reference; why didn't she continue acting, her OD scene had raw oscar potential. Then u mention Jem, which happens to be the coolest cartoon ever. And her being the voice simply rocks. I'm gonna support this band, so I won't need you make a copy.

And I thought the story was just going to be about the Jackson 5 concerts in Vegas. That's pretty wild.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Holly said...

A story about Dolphins, now that would have been exciting.

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

I know, can you believe these connections? I'm a bit fearful that my head might explode when I go to the concert. Overload.

Didn't hear about the Jackson 5 concert in Vegas though--following Prince around I guess. I think I'll save my money for Crowded House and George--if he ever sets some dates.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Not sure what to day about dolphins--I guess I'll wait until you get the dolphin tatoo that proves you are a true fan.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger al said...

Satisfaction... pretty cool.
Jem... awesome! Even if you would have said she was one of the Holograms I would have been excited. I still have their cassette tape, thats a true fan. "Showtime, Synergy!"

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

Al, you seriously have to get me a copy of the Jem cassette tape. I LOVED JEM!!!!! Cool connections Lyn! I'd like to try and make it to the concert with you!


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