Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Traveling for work

Forgot my TV Guide this trip up North--does anyone know if something good is on this week?


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

SYTYCD was on tonight. The results show is tomorrow night and Nelly Furtado is performing. I'm in love with Musa. He's soooooo hot...probably right up there with Common. He did the merengue tonight with his partner and I thought he did really well considering he is a hip hop/break dancer. He was on last season but got cut. I hope he makes it far. Martha and Travis did really well. They did broadway. Benji and Donyelle also did well. They performed hip hop. That's the only show I've allowed myself to be glued to this summer so I'm not sure what else is out there.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Turn the tv off, fire up the dvd player and get yourself some Deadwood. Season 1 and 2 are now available for your viewing pleasure, and don't knock it because you think it's a western. It's not a western!

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

World Cup has started taking over! I can't believe how long I end up watching this and I don't even know what they are doing or what teams I'm watching.

SYTYCD is always a good choice. I have this past week's on TIVO waiting for me. Can't wait to catch up.

Deadwood...I still have to watch the season finale of Sopranos! I'll think about it though--if you're sure it's not a western.


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